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Friday, January 25, 2008


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As cities and states start to ban plastic bags, I know that my Collection of "Reusable Shopping Bags" will be the bearer of good news in the coming "Green" revolution.

The Collection (the World’s Largest) and BLOG are the repository of information about "Reusable Shopping Bags" and the phenomena of what is happening right now.

The Collection will be on display in September at the Hickory Corner Library in East Windsor, NJ. Please stop by or have an associate contact me for more information.

You may view the Collection and read comments from industry, customers and bloggers at:

Glen Daless

Make sure you post to let us know when those bags are available in the Oakland store! I can't wait to tote mine into Farmer Joe's.

It's easy to adopt a healthy reusable ChicoBag habit and eliminate Bag Monsters! There's a blog for people who want to be entertained and informed about the bag crisis: Join the movement to adopt a healthy reusable ChicoBag habit: Become a Bag Monster Buster. Single-use bags are the poster child of wastefulness and they are creating Bag Monsters! You might have one under your kitchen sink... you know... the bag of bags you never get around to recycling? Yeah. Those ones. They're coming to life and exacting revenge over what they deem “discriminatory bag bans.” See what I mean at Stay strong, and always roll with a reusable ChicoBag!

Brenda ~ The only requirement in getting one of the bags is that you REPRESENT! Tote that bag with pride! Consider yourself our Oakland Ambassador to the East Coast (and soon, L.A., right?). ;-)

BTW, our Environmental Services Division is looking into making more of the bags to sell in our Oakland store in the lobby at 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

Dan ~ Thank you so much! I love to hear about Oaklanders who have already given up plastic at home ~ we use you as examples to others that it CAN be done! BTW, water bottles are next on the hit list. If you can make it to the Press Conference, please say HI (I'll be the frantic curly-haired girl running around with the Press Kits). If it rains, the Press Conference will be moved from the front steps of City Hall into Hearing Room 1, just inside the front entrance of City Hall.

Ruby ~ Thank you! Of course *Austin* is in the know with the importance of reducing plastic! A couple of Texas cities have called me about plastic bag ban legislation they are working on, and it feels great helping out my hometown state on this issue! I personally have an extra Oakland bag which I can send to you ~ :).

This is awesome! Great work, Mari! The HEB's around Austin have started selling their reusable grocery bags and they seem to be catching on with a lot of Austinites. We too gave up our plastic bags and water bottles a while ago and it feels so good! I wish I could be there tomorrow ~ I'd have my bags and poster with me. ;)

I had no idea any of this was going on in Oakland, and I'm so glad to find out! We gave up *all* plastic bags (and plastic water bottles) a while ago.

I'm not sure if I can make it to the press conference on Monday -- but if I can get out of work, I certainly will.

Hmm...this may sound silly, but that Oakland bag is way cute, and would make a lovely addition to any canvas/tote bag collection. How could someone who can't make it to the press conference get one...? :)

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