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Monday, January 28, 2008


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After working in government in racially chaotic Detroit and stultifyingly politically correct Seattle and Portland, I've seen so many of these people pop in "for a little chat." They always leave you amused and melancholy. But it somehow makes you feel better knowing you've got comrades out there going through the same thing.

Most often I got things like "If they run light rail through my neighborhood, won't those people ride it and steal my television?"

Which usually got the reply, "Well, I'm forced to wonder if a fixed guideway vehicle on a strict schedule makes for a pretty poor getaway car while carrying a 42" television."

But .. I got this over and over again. Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, Detroit, Los Angeles. Apparently every city in America has a class of "those people" who wake up, take out their bus pass, hop on transit, ride it directly to where everyone else lives and ... steal televisions. Always televisions.

Hang in there.

wow dude. just, wow. i like the part where you refrain from reaching through the phone. i've never had a conversation like that on the phone--usually its in person. and my thing to say is that i feel like leaping across the table and gouging out their eyeballs with my super-cool mechanical pencil. yea.

Ha! Justin ~ SOOOO good to hear from you! But, hey who let you in here? I really miss your perspective and sense of humor around work! Hope you are well!

What I would have said is "Well, it used to be 10,000 Black Men, so you have to look at it in context..." :)


"well do they help white people?" ????!!!! my mouth was agape when i read this exchange. sometimes, i feel so very sheltered in an ethnic studies department.

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