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Monday, September 22, 2008


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Lol! By my standards, you had a jolly good Sunday!

First, do let me know the title of the book that you were re-reading! It looks interesting!

Second, totally agree that you're not a terrible, bitchy person! I can imagine you sitting with your laptop, etc pretending to be busy while you're furiously texting your friends the happenings around you! So, Spy like! ;-)

"blind" dates are the worst!

perhaps as an additional benefit, the on-line dating services could add a wardrobe suggestions section, to guide the color-blind, the stylishly-challenged and the confused, to an image that dazzles (but never be-dazzles), or sizzles, or whispers, as the case may be. like a cyber-closet to soothe the nerves. hello, matchdotcom, eharmony, etcetera? get to work.

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