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Saturday, April 24, 2004


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Wow, I forgot about that quote. I am glad to hear someone found meaning from it.

Congrats on the blog! Looks good, smells great and goes down a lot easier than Metamucil.

I’ve been locked in a room studying for my comp exams - thanks for restoring my jaded intellectual appetite!

Okay, this is from one of Mari's friends who actually* took the July 2003 bar and had hoped to repress that experience forever the second she walked out the Oakland Colliseum...

I go home and open up my email (lots of Congrats and other celebratory messages)...and then I open Mari's email. I get Mari's rendition of the bar. All of a sudden I feel nauseous, dizzy, and get flashbacks from the horrid, horrid essay questions: trust remedies, corporate responsibility, professional responsibility. "Holy shit! I'm going to fail!!!" I say to myself. I get a bad case of hives. My fiance doesn't know why I've become a elective mute for three days.

And, yeah, I remained friends with Mari. That's what you call true friendship.

Skip the law - you're a writer, girlfriend!

I love Reverend Billy. But I love Mari even more! Woo! First comment.

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