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Sunday, April 25, 2004


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Ms. Harris

I commend you on your staying true to your position. I too, was once against the Death Penalty. But I believe we need to send a message. A police officer is someone that is there to try to keep peace and to render an environment safe. You and I can not do the job that they do as regular citizens. Once we start allowing people to murder police officers, we have taken away one of the only "LEGAL" sense of protection. Now we can all go out and buy firearms to protect ourselves but that would just be perpetuating the cycle. One thing to keep in mind. When a person has 2 strikes in California, what do they have to lose. This may not be the situation for Mr. Hill, but this is the mentality for many and to them killing a cop or anyone else for that reason just doesn't matter.

Please Ms. Harris send a message for the sake of the lives and families of law enforcement.

Ms Harris, There are more people in this town with you and the stand that you're taking against the death penalty. I know the other side is making it tough on you but then the club members always vote in a block. I realize our voices are not too loud if heard at all but we are here and with you and on your side. Locking someone in a cage for the rest of his life is not being soft on crime. Putting some one to death is getting in bed with murder's. TKS John

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