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Friday, July 30, 2004


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Wow, excellent musical picks! Right on with Bjork, Paris Match and Flaming Lips. If you like wine (seems you do!) check out my blog! Much appreciated...

vino rater

Electronics? Did somebody mention electronics? Well I've come to your aid. For somebody who's this new to the game, you should just make your life easier and get an iPod. Sure, while there are other cheaper options out there, they're vastly more complicated and don't look as cool. So that leaves you with either an iPod mini or the iPod 3G (third generation) or iPod 4G (just released like last week). Like supermodels and cars, the older model is not as desirable. So that makes it cheaper. So if you want to get a 3G iPod, best to look around online, quick. They're being heavily discounted--you can get a 40 gb model for like 300 or so right now. That's like 20,000 or so songs in your pocket. Downside to the 3G models (4 buttons going horizontally across the top) is the battery life. Approximately 6 hours on a charge. The 4G models have significantly improved performance in that respect--more like 12-13 hours. It has some minor cosmetic improvements as well. 3G comes with a dock, mini remote, and case, while the 4G 40 gb model only has a dock.

So if it were me, I'd get like a 20 gb model (i think 40 gb is overkill almost. I have a 3G 30 gb model and I can barely fill 10 gb) 4G. Have fun and join the rest of the free world and get an iPod already.

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