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Sunday, August 01, 2004


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hello we would like it if you would post more information of Dolores Huerta please. Thank You so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO delighted to learn of the Dolores Huerta Foundation! (I found this site re news on her appearance at the opening of the prison in Delano.) I knew Dolores way back during the Grape Strike, when I was a volunteer; one of the press secretaries for the Peregrinacion.

I'm a composer by trade, and have completed "Journey to the Light: a Requiem for Cesar Chavez. I would like to let Dolores know about this, and seek her help with getting this performed and recorded (for the benefit of her foundation and/or the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.)
Can you provide an e-mail address? Thanks for your attention!

I so wish I was in Berkely right now.I did not anything about Francisco X. Alarcón, so thank you for introducing me to this work. I am glad to find another accomplished gay Chicano poet. Oh, and your blog is the best, keep it up!

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