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Friday, August 06, 2004


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I think it's rather hillarious a number of people associate themselves as hispanic when there are literally thousands of cultures and races beyond spanish decent.

Mexican's aren't even Mexican, but they certainly aren't spanish. haha.

Just a note on the word 'hispanic'

Mi apellido es Juarez and you'd be surprised at the Latinos (raided in the US)who don't read/pronounce it correctly!!

Re: Juanes - un dia normal

En un dia como hoy literally translates to a day like today, but what it means is: "today".

So the impact is stronger, less cheeselike when you consider that it's a statement of intention, a plan that he's talking about.

Things get lost in translation.

OMG! I go thru the "name slaughter" just about everytime a non-haspanic has to pronounce it. Now, my last name is LOAYZA, and I can see if your not hispanic how you might not know that the "ay" sounds like "i", but I have heard..LO-YA,(did they not see the 3 other letters...?) or "LA-ZA-YA" (HMM, NO IDEA). Just thought I'd share cuz that does get on my nerves.

Hi, Iwas looking for the lyrics of "las mananitas" and came across your site.Well done! if you know of any web sites that offer lyrics (free)of the traditional songs I would apreciate it very much. thank you patrick e-mail

It's really odd to find someone who considers my language, just the sound of it, sexy. Well, maybe most varieties of American Spanish are, Spanish-from-Spain Spanish.... well, depends.

Holy shite! That girl slaughtering your name. Hey, I gotta think of some cheesy lyrics, because there are plenty - but these aren't cool songs. There was a song that said: yo tengo una bolita que me sube y me baja, me sube y me baja, ay, me sube y me baja.

Or: se me sube el colesterol, mamacita, me sube el colesterol.

Or: canchis, canchis, todo el dia y toda la noche, canchis, canchis.

These are old school and ridiculous. I look forward to seeing more!

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