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Sunday, August 29, 2004


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Ay Marisa,

I went to my second baseball game ever, in April. (The first time I was ten and spent the whole time eating dime-dogs (10cent hot dogs) until I was sick.)

It was AAA game and a friend of mine was playing. When he scored a home run I screamed "GOOOOOAL". I kept trying to figure out where the 5th base was, as I had understood that there was a 1st,2nd,3rd,4th, and home run base. I still think that having the coachs on the field is cheating. eh Baseball.

I once rode the train w/ the chickens from Reynosa to Monterrey. No Coors for me.

the glamorous life? isn't that sort of 1986?
i like oso. he is faceted and sounds fun-- coors on amtrak-- now THAT is americana!!
mari, sweetie, remember we used to have mary lee donuts after dancing till we were DRENCHED at club soda or 'scumbers'-- and we drove to those clubs in BLAINE. roots, darling, roots.

Those whose names begin with D tend to be incredibe. I haven't figured it out. I took the train from Oakland to Fresno last year. Twas 4 hours late so I chowed on the greasiest and tastiest eggs and hashbrowns of my life at a diner across from Yoshis. Ethiopian owned, red-neck clientele.

Then finally hopped on the train and watta ya know - an old buddy from high school just happened to be heading back to SD. He had a 12 pack of Coors with him and we split it, stumbling off laughing and lost in Fresno.

Ventana Wilderness - very well might be my favorite place in the lower 48. Big Sur - a piece of heaven for any naturalist who loves 20th century American lit. Cafe Kevah right below the nepenthe is absolutely the only place I'm willing to spend $10 for an espresso and granola.

Amtrack here I come.

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