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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


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God, I haven't had a good tamale in eons.My tia would make them for days and days leading up to Christmas. All different kinds -- some pork (as you describe), some turkey, and green corn tamales. But, my favorite, esp at Christmas, is a sweet tamale made with pineapple, raisins and white masa.

I never thought they would travel well through the FEDEX. Now that I do, I know what I'll be asking for this Christmas.

my mom calls it a "tamaleada" when she and dozen other women (sisters, nieces, me, my sister, y la abuelita) get together a few days before christmas to make a ton of tamales. i don't know if you know of the chicana artist carmen lomas garza, but she has the perfect painting to describe this get together.

You reckon you can redirect some of those overhere to Sweden :-D *with drooling looks at the tamale picture*

The tamales de frijoles go like mota at a high school party in my house. The one's that have part of the "oja" wrapped around them, mean they have jalapenos and chingos of chile. Those are the one's I go for. Damn, they are good. Y me atasco la panza hasta que ya no puedo. Then I eat some more!

Cheers for the singular tamal. This is what I always ask for in local taquerias and Mexican restaurants and almost always they say, 'you mean you want a tamale?' (which they pronounce taw-mall-eeeeeee)

'No, I want a - as in one - tamal.'

"Huh ... like, a taw-mall-eeeee?"

"Yeah, sure."

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