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Thursday, November 11, 2004


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I am vehemently, actively opposed to the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General!

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) told the Associated Press that Gonzales’ confirmation hearing "may be the only remaining forum in which to examine more fully the steps that were taken to weaken U.S. policy on torture in the period that led to the prison scandals at Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan."
I have been all over the net for the last two weeks trying to find out some basic information about the Gonzales Confirmation hearings and the appointment process. I have been to high school teachers, history and law professors. I have even been reading about the confirmation hearings of Ashcroft. Can one of your informed readers please tell me:

1) Is there any limit to the questions the Senate Judiciary Committee can ask Gonzales?

2) Can they request documents?

3) Is there a time limit to each committee member?

4) Once it gets to the floor of the Senate, is there any limit on the time each Senator can take? Any limit on questions they can ask Gonzales? Can they request documents?

5) Is there anything that could delay or prolong these hearings?

6) Is filibuster allowed? Is it effective?

Once you've notified all the committee members, your Senator, (and everyone else's too), contributed to Veterans for Common Sense ad campaign, is there anything else one can do?

Thank you.

It should also be noted that both LULAC and NCLR have endorsed Gonzales' nomination. To me this is really disturbing, and I hope that every Latino against his nomination makes the extra effort to speak out against him. It is not a triumph, but a great tragedy that the first Latino to be in such a position would be someone this right-wing and dangerous. Imagine if the first African American on the Supreme Court had been Clarence Thomas, not Thurgood Marshall.

With the mainstream org's giving him a pass and even celebrating this nomination, progressives Latinos need to make a statement about this.

I think we need to move past descriptive representation. Of course we want ppl of color in top positions. But he said the Geneva Convention was "quaint." I was irritated that the Dems and NCLR are going to green-light him.

Isn't it better to have a white guy who's at least moderate? Lord knows Rod Paige never did anything for my ppl, and I'm glad he's leaving. My $0.19

(complete aside)I bought my first Aveda lipgloss today, all b/c of you, M, LOL

Wow, Chad is commenting now? Anyway, I digress. Would any of us really approve of any Republican the President nominates for AG? Is it not better we have a Latino conservative than a gringo conservative (i dunno, just asking)? Is Gonzalez worse than Ashcroft? I don't think we're ever going to be happy with anyone that office nominates, unless it's Colin Powell.

thanks for posting this. i hadn't read much about gonzalez until yesterday and it seems like people who think like me think this appointment is bad. honestly, i was annoyed that he was latino. why do they always gotta feature the sell outs?

You know, every time I read about Texas I thank my lucky (lone) stars that I have never so much as stepped foot in that godforsakenplace.

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