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Sunday, November 28, 2004


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That a beautiful story.My grandparent's anniversary is this sunday and its their 36 too.its lovley to see older couples together like that.My grandparents are from mexico and had there ups and downs, went through think and thin and love each other. congratulations to your parents. god bless you and your family

what a wonderful read and a true love ode to your parents! despite whatever happened on Thanksgiving, i'm sure, just from reading your blog, that you DO a whole lotta things right! no doubt your folks are extremely proud of you in turn.

found you while catching up on ludovic's thoughts at

thank you for sharing.

Nice picture of our parents and you! The best part about Thanksgiving is Mom's cooking and how did I NOT get those genes! Did I tell you we threw on Ricky Martin's video at the end of the night and whipped out some fancy dancing in the living room? It was a sight to be seen! Wish you could have been there...miss your little sister!

Is your dad wearing a Polo jacket? "la del caballito"

congratulations to your parents... it's not only a commendable accomplishment to raise 4 kids, stay married 36 years, but to also raise a child who is as grateful and appreciative as you and your siblings appear to be!

enjoyed your post... found it searching for "san luis obispo" related blogs this morning :)... I'm in Arroyo Grande.

btw, nice blog too!

congratulations to your parents! i haven't called them today, but i've been at their house since thursday. when their anniversary (or my grandparent's anniversary) rolls around, i'm always amazed at their relationships. they're partners, best friends, and they love each other immensely. i think we're fortunate to have good examples.

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