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Friday, November 05, 2004


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I'm so sorry.

Que lastima! I hope you can either keep that gig or get a new one soon, otherwise how will you come out east so we can hang? Still, i can't believe they are acting so quickly!

Good luck, stay sane, and do try to have some fun.

I'm so sorry Mari. I'm coming up soon to give you a big bear hug.

I was so pissed at Kerry when in the debates Bush had the audacity to say the only thing wrong with our health care system is the need for tort reform. Tort reform! When probably 70% of his gay-bashing, pro-lifing base is badly in need of is health care and the right to sue when their doctors and hospitals give them poor health care .... and ... and, what does Kerry say in return, when he's given such a golden opportunity to explain what the hell Bush is really talking about?

He says: "well, I'm a lawyer, I can do tort reform too."

Give me a fucking break. Trust me, you're not the only one heartbroken and jobless because of Prop 64. A friend of mine involved in Animal Rights told me how "tort reform" would completely undermine not just health care, but labor, animal rights, civil rights.

The civil rights movement succeeded because it took place in the courts and was affirmed by a rational process. That no longer is allowed to happen.

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