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Thursday, December 02, 2004


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You're not only a Latina, but a Chicana. Damn, there's some passion. I hate to stereotype, pero for the most part it's true. Most of the raza I know is pretty passionate about something - whether it be politics, religion, smoking weed, or watching football and drinking beer.

My passion is often interpreted as "loconess." Really, people think I'm crazy. You mentioned relationships. Forget it. Some folks just don't know how to have as much passion or be as passionate as you, so they think it must be wrong.

You're right on lady. Keep expressing your passion.

i feel you, pretty lady. one of the great yogic principles/ restraints is that you never take anything away from anyone-- i.e. criticism tends to reduce others, so it's not a positive way to evoke change. your nay-sayers are probably only jealous and amazed at your energy and your drive-- after all, what are THEY doing to work change in themselves and in the world? sometimes i think that cynicism is just another form of laziness, like sitting on the sofa with the remote, flipping thru everyone else's "little projects" -- although the cynics may believe that optimism is simply naivete or simple-mindedness. i guess that is one of those unsolved and unsolvable mysteries. anyway, i am too busy with becoming what i want to be to waste time arguing with someone who tells me i cannot, or that it won't work or won't matter, anyway. i'll leave them to their black berets and smoky coffeehouses. i'll leave them with the words of dorothy parker, who (allegedly) once told hemingway in exasperation, "you know, ernest, the sun also SETS." there's a proverb that says (something like) "he who says it cannot be done should not interfere with he who is doing it" (now i personally would write "HE who says it cannot be done should leave SHE who is doing it the hell alone b/c she is busy" but you get the idea.)

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