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Friday, February 18, 2005


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Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was harping on you. I'm sure your hard work has paid off.

I know what thunder you're talking about. A few of us thought it was a real explosion. The power of nature....

A good rain/thunderstorm always leaves makes me reflective. The language of nature is so powerful it's good to know it doesn't get lost in all the noise of our daily lives.

The thunder is just the noise that the lightning makes - you know its coming when you see the flash... Sometimes, when a person needs to be awakened from a sleep (if they are having a bad dream or just looking the other way) the thunder is just letting you know that it/she/he is there... so that you can see what is really happening - the lightning, not the the thunder. Just as a voice is not a person, but it can communicate, connect with , and conjure so much without you seeing the speaker. However, unlike lightning, the good souls are there when the storm passes...

:) Ai... but I digress...

Either way, I suppose that it is nice to be reminded of something else being there... or here... to remind you that there are things bigger than the moment. Even the moments contemplated in el ritual de lo habitual have a history and a future... If all we did was live in the moment, we would have no comprehension of our own existence...

What language is the rain talking to you tonight?

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