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Friday, February 04, 2005


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I had read your article before I knew about your blog...and wow, what an awesome surprise. Keep up the great work!!

just read your article, damn girlfriend! you are a great writer.

Great article...nice flow also.

Wow, congrats, that's so awesome! You sure did your research. Thanks for getting it out there. You're an excellent writer, hope you publish more.
adelante, mujer!
barb (of Lucky White Girl)

Great article and congrats! I am forwarding it to all my Republican friends. Keep it up.

Great piece hermana, I love your writing style. Keep that pen to the paper.

cuidate y adelante,

Felicidades! That rocks.


hoooo-RAY!! CONGRATULATIONS, woman!! keep on rockin in the free world, and whatnot!! love love love you!

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