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Monday, January 07, 2008


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Mari, what a pleasant surprise to see you are blogging again. I am embarrassed to see how long I've missed your updates. Your writing is so lovely and thoughtful, please keep sharing it with us. Thanks for the 'shoutout'. As for tea, I've been hitting the English Breakfast hard and we just added Yerba Mate to our selection and I've managed to talk some coffee drinkers into trying it and a couple have returned for more. :D

you make tea sound so delightful and soothing. nevertheless, i *need* my coffee every day. next time we get together, our conversation should definitely be at a place that serves both good tea and coffee. :)

There is a tea shop in Columbia that Sabi, my mom and I love. I can't remember the name of it but I think it is the only one in town. It is right off the main street. It is very cute and has the cutest china.
My brother just brought us some tea from his most recent trip to China. I think it is called red flower tea. It tastes good and it is fun to watch the flower open and bloom before you drink the tea.

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