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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


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I think the earrings (and you) look lovely!
On the flip side to this, I have felt at times that I have been observed too much and have to be careful about how I look when I am in certain settings.

My second "job" is at our religious school. I have this 2nd job not for the $ but because no one else wants to give up their free time and someone has to do it. I am often exhausted from work or am thinking about a multitude of things when I am at this job. Sometimes I am sick because I don't allow myself to get sick during the work week!

If I don't always have a big happy face on and have my clothes just so people will come up to me and ask what is wrong. I have even had someone ask me if they did something to make me upset with them because they thought I was mad at them because I didn't greet them or smile wide enough. It got to the point that I was getting a bit paranoid about the way I was presenting myself to others. In this situation, I long for anonymity.

I'm not sure if I notice the little things, but I do notice when people make changes to their hair or facial hair (especially with men).

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