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Monday, May 26, 2008


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Just wanted to say hello

You have built a good website


Hello There! Long time....I know, I know but I can explain....but why have you decided not to post any more, if I may ask? More jobs to juggle? Anyway, this post is really sweet and your Grand Parents sounds real amazing!

I know you must have reasons for not posting anymore, and I trust they're good ones. FYI: your posts are very much appreciated and will be missed.

I love reading your posts Mari. Was the latest post really the last one? I will miss your blogging. At least keep the pictures coming on flickr! :-)

Great story. I hope your Abuelita's recovery goes well.

I love the card! Sometimes I like that my grandparents treat me like I'm still a kid. Then again, the way I act around them really hasn't changed.

Realmente tienes un tornillo y una barra en tu espalda? O era una metáfora?


This is lovely and amazing.

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